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Electric field is:

  • a reimagining of the wind turbine, without extractive use of minerals and land
  • a method for regenerative prototyping
  • a pedagogical tool for learning more about and engaging with fundamentals principles of energy and regeneration
  • a DIY micro energy wind turbine!

Electric Field is an artistic prototype exploring the intersections of questions of energy and agriculture. It asks what kinds of alteranative energy imaginaries can we generate when working with principles of regeneration and soil health? Despite the focuson on sustainable energy transitions, the giand wind turbine project keeps energy hungry racial capitalism spinning and obscures the interdependencies of agriculture, communities and energy. With Electric Field we explore how it might be possible to challenge existing paradigms of energy and the so-called "green transition" by working closely with principles of regenerative farming and agroecology. This has resulted in working with...scavenge, retool, rescale and reassemble into contraptions for community solidarity... micro-scalar, ephermal, spinning, softening , potentially


  • 6km
  • local sourced, scavenged materials. wwhat would be for you?
  • soil health and biodiversity health. what materials can you use that improve soil and biodiversity health


Assembly instructions