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This workbook is made by The Institute for Technology in the Public Interest (TITiPI), a trans-practice gathering of activists, artists, engineers and theorists and features contributions from the instituters and companions that emerged from our work together collectively during 2020 and 2021. An an outcome of a series of conversations, workshops and collective reflections on shifting infrastructural presences. It is not so much the end of a process, but the beginning of further work on together imagining alternatives to their extractive implications; as an embodied fight against the Big Tech takeover through writing, talking, making, tooling and reflecting. The workbook engages with these shifts by considering the importance of attending to radical care, survival and resistance under racial capitalism, non-extractive research, in our work on cloud infrastructures. It offers ways to make account and hold accountable the complexity of relations that make these cloud infrastructures and proposes activities and exersizes you can do in your communities and institutions to research how cloud infrastructures are scaling up inequality, perpetuating the violence of racial capitalism and creating environmental harm whilst also reducing the possibilities for resistance, fighting oppression and creative life.

Edited by: TITiPI (Helen V Pritchard, Femke Snelting)

Design and wiki-to-pdf research: Infrastructural Manouevres

Transcriptions: Yasmine Boudiaf, Gwen Barnard

The research that contributed to this workbook and the research commissions that it features was funded by Human Data Interaction: Legibility, Agency, Negotiability’ Network Plus, UKRI (EPSRC) and Research Communities Funding: COVID-19 / Quintin Hogg Trust

Printed at the Critical Media Lab @ Institute for Experimental Design and Media Culture (IXDM), Basel

Copyleft with a difference, 2022: artists, authors and The Institute for Technology in The Public Interest

Unless otherwise noticed, texts and images are available under the Collective Conditions for Re-Use (cc4r) 1.0. You may copy, distribute and modify them according to the terms of the cc4r.

ISBN: 9789464513202

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Cite as: Infrastructural Interactions: Survival, Resistance and Radical Care, edited by Helen V Pritchard, and Femke Snelting. Brussels: The Institute for Technology In the Public Interest, 2022.