Impossible Breathing Meditation Praxis

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Impossible Breathing Modular Meditation Praxis

Clareese Hill

Welcome to a modular meditation praxis. This meditation consists of three materials that can be configured for the meditation you need at the moment. The first element is the meditation room, which is an immersive web space where the other two materials can be experimented with. The second material is the content for the meditation interventions. The content includes audio from seven singing bowls as they correspond to the seven chakras and poetic text by Black woman writers. The third material is the core meditation text which has moments for interventions of sound and poetic text. There is no order or prescription for how the meditations should unfold this is a space of poiesis.

1. The meditation room is where you can hold your meditation by bring the other three materials into that space. The meditation room is web virtual reality experience that is editable by watching the tutorial video found below under Mozilla Hubs tutorial. The meditation room can be accessed by the QR code or the links below.

2. Content for the meditation interventions:

3. Core text to be treated as fluid as water:

Impossible Breathing

Let’s take a breath
Let’s be still expect for our breath
Let’s let everything wash away with every breath
Hold the air as breath, feel its contribution your body
Let’s be slow together
Let’s meet in-between the inhale and exhale
Let’s meet in the air we hold as breath
Let’s image what it would be like to sit next to each other
Feeling each other’s energy becoming still
While we breathe together
Let your body go in this moment and the contiguous we will share together
Its’ no longer needed to be legible
Let the performance that the body is automated to engage in slows to a stop
We are connecting through our breathing
Being together through breathing
Feeling each other’s touch through breathing
A together that defies the constructs of reality

Insert Intervention

Let’s make right here right now abstract through breathing
Let’s participate in a contra-reality together that we conjure through our breathing
Let’s be there for each other and support each other with care through our breathing
Let’s think about meeting in-between the inhales and exhales
A liminal space that is unprescribed.
A multifaceted dimension of everything we need
Let’s take a journey of errantry together from the cosmos to under the surface of the water
Let’s learn together to practice impossible breathing
Breathing that happens outside of the reality, the landscape, the body, the lungs
Outside of the linearity of the rising and collapsing of the chest

Insert Intervention

Let reclaim our relationship with the water
By learning from the waves, the currents, the aquatic terrain, and the wise inhabitants
They are griots of futurity
They ask us to sit with them so they can tell us stories of duration, resilience, and poiesis
Let’s learn from the water by being fully submerged
And still breathing without water entering the body
Breathing in errantry is a shift towards nonlinearity
Nonlinearity requires a skip around in the in process of breathing first as thought then as praxis.

Insert Intervention

When our attachment to reality has uncoupled
Through being submerged and still breathing
Impossible breathing
Our residence, where we are occupying is thrust into the slippery the in flux
A residence that is under the surface
Our residence is the arrival to a space, a moment, an intention that has always been with in grasp through being able to disrupt our breathing
All we had to do was let go of the landscape and reach for the water, through the praxis of impossible breathing

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