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TITiPI collaborates on research, discourse and experiments that impact policy and public discourse as well as reconfigure socio-technical practice. Throughout we assume a tight coupling between what to address and how to address it. Developing methods for relating between different kinds of expertise, experimenting formats for convenings and alternative infrastructural toolsets.

These methods have been developed over the years by members of the institute with different collaborators, associates, communities and artist organisations (Constant, The Darmstadt Delegation, Possible Bodies, The Underground Division). They have been iterated over the years, traveling across academia (Carnegie Melon, Dagstuhl, FAT*, KU Leuven, Princeton, NYU), civil society (EDRi, Ligue des droits humain, OSF) and public institutions (Council of Europe, ecole de recherche graphique, Varia, Tangible Clouds, NEoN Digital Arts, European Parliament, Hangar, Master Experimental Publishing, La Casa Encendida, transmediale).

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