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wiki-to-pdf manual


For more informations on wiki-to-pdf, see Wiki-to-pdf

working with titipi's wiki-to-pdf

To initiate a new publication, create a page in this wiki in the unfolding namespace:

On this page, add content or transclude pages that are published elsewhere on the wiki.

{{TT|Peripheral politics}}
{{TT|The politics of listening}}

CSS can be added in the tab 'Print CSS'

Go to 'open in wiki to pdf' to view the resulting html page and access the PDF.


All current wiki-to-pdf publications are listed here:

All publicly shareable publications are listed here:

Publication URLs are constructed as follows:

Editing wiki-to-pdf

When the automated pageheader overflows, you can add the preferred shorter title to the wiki page:

<h2 class="runningtitle">When governments move fast and break things</h2>

This would replace the longer title, "EU Digital COVID Certificates: When governments move fast and break things"

Server setup

The wiki-to-pdf interface is installed as a systemd service on the titipi server. It uses pagedjs and flask.

In case of trouble, login to the server and:

$ sudo service flask restart

Various functions described in:


Templates in:


css for wiki-to-pdf publications:


Custom css for the application in: