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Message of solidarity following the earthquake in Morocco

We are devastated by the destruction in the aftermath of the Friday evening 8 September earthquake in Morocco. Our thoughts are with our friends and colleagues and all who have been impacted. We offer our deepest condolences for those you have lost, and hope you are reunited with missing loved ones soon.

Thousands of people have died, are dying as we speak, or are badly injured. Many more are homeless and severely traumatised. The regions of Ouarzazate, El Haouz, Chichawa, and Taroudant belong to a part of Morocco that still carries the scars of colonial underdevelopment and postcolonial marginalization. At TITiPI, we are especially sad to see how structural and deliberate infrastructural negligence has lead to many more additional deaths.

The towns hit by the earthquake are remote and poor. They get very wet, cold and snowy in the winter. Though the places in and around the epicentre are hard to reach, in numerous devastating social media messages people have reported the loss of their students, of homes and schools that disappeared, and the destruction and death of complete villages in the Atlas mountain region. The race against the clock is real, the number of casualties will rise, and efforts made in the aftermath will be crucial.

We encourage all our colleagues, friends and comrades to contribute to relief efforts, right now and in the aftermath, and to extend support to those affected around them. Whilst we cannot endorse any particular organisations running relief campaigns, if you are looking for ways to help those affected, you could start with the organisations below:

In solidarity,


(This message was adapted from a statement issued by BRISMES)