International Trans*Feminist Digital Depletion Strike

T-Shirt close-up, with a slogan reading: Dreaming in the Ruins of Big Tech" Picket-sign leans against a wall. "Counter Cloud Action" and pictures of funny looking clouds Person with glittery purple nailpolish holds a glass filled with clouds made of cotton wool. They hold a card, that reads "action" Clareese wears reflective vizor in front of projected Sagina, she gestures Flag against grey sky: "Resist the cloud, ludd today" Hand holds cloud-shaped binder hanging from elastic bands Stack of picket-signs: "Dreaming in the ruins of Big Tech", "Abundantely Operating with Limits", "Trans*Feminists Doing Crime" Picket sign held up on the street. It reads: "", "Mastodon", "Cryptpad" Screenshot from a collection of generated posters Hand-sewn banner: "A videostore after the end of the world/Cloud" Picket sign held up on the street. It reads: "Trans*Feminists Breaking the Ci$-tem" Screenshot from strike connection zine

On the 8th of March 2023, we called for a Counter Cloud Action Day.

On this day, together with many others, we tried to withhold from using, feeding, or caring for The Big Tech Cloud. The strike called for a hyperscaledown of extractive digital services, and for an abundance of collective organising. It joined the long historical tail of international feminist strikes, because we understand this fight to be about labour, care, anti-racism, queer life and transā˜…feminist techno-politics.

Convened by more than twenty organisations and collectives such as: NEoN Digital Arts, TITiPI, Varia, transmediale, In-grid and many others: