The Institute appeared in March 2020 as a bugreport. We decided to bring together our resources and build a temporary institution that can address, engage in and resist the disruptive and inequitable impact of complex global technology regimes and infrastructures. Find work-in-progress on our wiki; for a quick overview of the activities of the Institute so far, please see below.

Current projects


The Institute for Technology in the public interest (2021), 'EU Digital COVID Certificates: When governments move fast and break things'

Aouragh, Miriyam, Gürses, Seda, Pritchard, Helen and Snelting, Femke. The extractive infrastructures of contact tracing apps in: Journal of Environmental Media

Aouragh, M., Gürses, S., Pritchard, H. and Snelting, F. as Institute for Technology in the Public Interest (2020), ‘The long tail of contact tracing’, GitHub, 10 April,

Interviews, talks and podcasts

Small c vs. big C: How Computational Infrastructures Capture Technical and Social Imaginary for Public Life, Thinking through the Crises series of the Amsterdam Research Center for Gender and Sexuality (ARC-GS). SPUI25, March 2022

Keltoum Belorf, Interview. Coronacrisis: Tracing-app, een magisch redmiddel of tool om publiek te sussen? De Wereld Morgen, June 2020

Radio Informal, RYBN interviews The Institute for Technology in the Public Interest (May 2020)

Wie sich die Debatte um Corona-Tracing ändern muss. Interview with Chris Köver, Netzpolitik (May 2020)

A chance to transgress. We Be Imagining with J. Khadijah Abdurahman, Ilan Mandel and Stanley Muñoz